Allied Group awarded the prize for the Best Stand at Kioge 2010

This year Kioge, the annual exhibition held at Almaty (Kazakhstan) and generally considered the most important for the central Asian oil sector, brought Allied a new international mark of recognition. During the gala evening that marked the official opening of the exhibition, the organisers, ITECA, presented the Group's stand with the Award for the Best Design, thus confirming how once more the company was able to communicate its own image in the most incisive way.

For such a key event as Kioge, Allied Group decided to invest substantially in the creation of an innovatively designed stand, which would give visitors an immediate understanding of how the Group is presented in the various markets around the world and the technological innovations being developed in its new manufacturing plants in Castel San Giovanni (Italy) and Tianjin (China), which will soon enable the Group's production capacity to double. A stand with a transparent structure that would launch an equally transparent message about the way it works.

Receiving this award at an exhibition that attracts all the giants of the sector, from the Russian Gazprom to the Chinese Socar, from Saipem to Agip, means that Allied have "made it" and attracted well-deserved high-level attention. It is proof that the Group's targeted communication is able to achieve its own objectives confidently, in any context.

The design of the Stand (art director Cristian Boiardi) was carried out by Publisì Comunicazione of Piacenza, the agency belonging to Cristiano Grandi with which for years he has collaborated alongside Allied's Communication Unit on their projects worldwide. "We identified and decided on a structure that uses light and transparency as the main means to attract and express a corporate culture that favours and offers clarity and transparency in its relations. One that values a strategy of internationalization, aiming at far-off horizons, without metaphorical walls limiting its expansion. It respects the principle of elegance and essentiality, which makes the message more incisive" observes Lucia Cerri, coordinator of the Allied Group's Communication Unit. "The Award confirms that this concept has passed the test and has been received positively".

Cristiano Grandi, who has been in advertising for over 40 years and has already won important national awards for stand design, packaging and advertising, is just as proud of the result: "This time, coming on an international stage, the award is even more prestigious. Part of the merit goes to the client who leaves us free to develop our creativity, within the limits of a shared strategy. Only in these conditions can we express ourselves at our best and create winning designs. Our art director, Cristian Boiardi, with whom we succeed in developing innovative and strategically focused solutions, also deserves some of the merit".

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